Renaissance Pools Emerald Isle


Stainless Steel Service Panel

              Over time, even the best aboveground pools can experience
              slow leaks around the skimmer and return as gaskets slowly
              wear out, subjecting the wall to constant contact with mois-
              ture. This has the potential to end the useful life of many lesser-
              quality swimming pools.

Available Sizes - Round - 18', 21', 24', 27', 30', 30', 33'; x54" Deep
100% Full-Radius Frame - The use of Presstek advanced resin in the fabrication of the full-radiused pool frame provides the greatest degree of strength matched with equally remarkable styling. Swimming in style...for life!
100% Resin Base Assembly - At the point of contact between your pool and the ground, you need protection from moisture and chemicals in the soil. Your Emerald Isle pool features a 100% resin Integrated Base and Expanded Rim Assembly to eliminate contact between soil and steel.
DuraShield Exterior Wall Sealer - Our liquid coated resin sealer locks out corrosion, discoloration and dirt buildup before they start. The exterior of the wall is coated with this rugged, protective coating to ensure the longest life possible for your pool.
LiquiLok Epoxy Wall Backer - Unmatched solid-seal protection against condensation buildup betweeen the interior wall and the liner. This time proven protective application will protect your pool from corrosion caused by condensation between the pool wall and liner.
100% Resin Frame - 100% Resin provides the ultimate corrosion protection, unavailable in any steel-frame pool. Plus, the thermal properties of resin keep the frame of your Emerald Isle pool comfortable to the touch on the hottest of summer days.
PressTek Pressure Hardened Resin - Not just any resin will do! Our pressure hardening manufacturing process means your PressTek resin frame has superior density and structure, for solid feel and ultimate resilience. And by using this high-tech material in a massive, fully-radiused frame style, Emerald Isle offers you the best in style as well in strength.
It All Adds Up! - 56" high frame with a 54" high wall, a massive top seated atop our impressive uprights make this one of the strongest resin pool frames on the market today. It all adds up to make the Emerald Isle one of the highest quality, most attractive, and best valued pools that money can buy.