Artesian Pools Sandy Point Classic 8500 Series

Space-Saving Narrow Yard Ovals & Improved Standard Buttress Ovals
Heavy Gauge Reinforced Seat
The Protection of Copper -
The unmatched CopperGuard Dual Coat backer system combines a bonding primer with a metallic sealer to protect the unser-side of the seat from chlorine splashback.
Available Sizes - Round - 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30', 33'; Oval - 12' x 24', 16' x 24', 16' x 32', 18' x 34', 21' x 41'
Sculpted 2-Piece Resin Seat Clamp
Massive 8500 Series Frame -
For maximum strength and visual impact.
Jumbo DynaGuard Resin-Coated Base Plates and Rims
Resilient protection and durability at the points of the pool most subject to attack from the elements.
LiquiLok Epoxy Wall Backer
Ultimate protection against condensation buildup between the pool wall and the liner.
52" Wall Height -
Almost 4 feet of water depth! Steel in Artesian's wall is over 20% thicker than the typical 48" wall to withstand the increased water pressure.
Z-Bolt Double-Track Wall Bolt Pattern - Staggered wall joint bolts for superior strength.