Artesian Pools Sunburst 8500 Ultra Series


Stainless Steel Service Panel

              Over time, even the best aboveground pools can experience
              slow leaks around the skimmer and return as gaskets slowly
              wear out, subjecting the wall to constant contact with mois-
              ture. This has the potential to end the useful life of many lesser-
              quality swimming pools.

Available Sizes - Round - 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30'; Oval - 12' x 24', 15' x 24', 15' x 30', 18' x 33'
100% Resin Frame - 100% Resin provides the ultimate corrosion protection, unavailable in any steel-frame pool. Plus, the thermal properties of resin keep the frame of your Sunburst comfortable to the touch on the hottest of summer days.
SunSafe Cellular High Density Resin Seats and Uprights - Not just any resin will do! The resin in your pool's seats and uprights has been scientifically formulated to resist the effects of summer sunlight and heat. The unmatched quality and careful balancing of UV inhibitors ensure the durability of your pool.
100% Resin Base Assembly - At the point of contact between your pool and the ground, you need protection from moisture and chemicals in the soil. Your Sunburst pool features a 100% resin Integrated Base and Expanded Rim Assembly to eliminate contact between soil and steel.
ArmorCoat Exterior Wall Sealer - For the load-bearing wall of your pool, A3000 galvanized steel is the material of choice. By adding ArmorCoat liquid-applied resin sealer to the exterior of the wall, we offer you the industry's best protection against the elements.
LiquiLok Epoxy Wall Backer - Capillary action often draws moisture from the soil up between the wall and the liner of your pool, yet another point where protection is key. LiquiLok true epoxy repels the moisture and protects your wall as only epoxy can.
54" Wall Height - For Maximum Water Depth - The steel in Artesian's 54" wall is over 20% thicker than the typical 48" wall to withstand the increased water pressure.
Space-Saving Narrow Yard Ovals - Artesian's Narrow Yard Oval gives the luxury of an oval pool without the space constraints of the traditional buttress system.
Z-Bolt Double-Track Wall Bolt Pattern - Staggered wall joint bolts for superior strength.