Trevi 205
The Trevi Pool - Resin safety top seat, resin or steel uprigts, corrugated steel wall for greater sturdiness, polymer wall coating t protect against corrosion and oxidation, galvanized bottom track.
Available Sizes - Round - 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30'; Oval - 12' x 24', 15' x 24', 15' x 30', 18' x 33'
Special Features - The superior quality top seat, made of synthetic resin, features uniform calibration, UV treatment against discoloration and a molecular memory to prevent warping. In addition, the top seat is totally resistant to corrosion and scratches. Unique to Treve, the double pool support post and stay assemblies are designed for superior strengths as well as aesthetics (on the straight side of oval pool only). The bottom safety track, made of galvanized steel, guarantees the stability of your pool.